Cassius & Rory (Siamese / Mixed (short coat))

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Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc.

P. O. Box 13474 Austin, 78711

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Distance: 1,365 Miles
Cassius and Rory are colony cats who need an indoor home now. Cassius is an approximately 2.5-year-old Siamese-mix. He’s the most gentle, sweet male cat ever. He was part of a colony until he disappeared one day this past summer. He turned up 7 days later with a severely fractured pelvis. Austin Animal Center set one fracture with a pin and the second fracture on the opposite side with a plate and multiple pins. He has now recovered quite well. He’s still rebuilding the muscles in his hips and back legs but he works hard on that each day, chasing Rory around the apartment and "running" up and down the stairs. He will never be able to live outside again and he takes 1/8 tsp of MiraLAX twice a day to help with a residual issue from his injury but he's happy and pretty healthy now. Cassius is neutered & fully vaccinated.Rory is a beautiful and sweet Tabby. He's about 7-8 months old. He lived outside with his brother & mother most of the time until his brother got hit by a car. He's been inside since. Rory has NOT been neutered or vaccinated yet.Cassius and Rory are so bonded you’d think they are either father/son or brothers. Cassius even calls out for Rory with a cat “word” that sounds like “Roar” when they’re playing and he loses track of his little boy. They’re very cute together, and they need to stay together, at least for now.

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Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes

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