Splinter (Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Chihuahua / Mixed (medium coat))

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PO Box 6488 Florence, 41022

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About Splinter

Distance: 707 Miles
** Please read the bio in its entirety before emailing with questions or submitting an application** As we are an all volunteer rescue with limited time to respond to emails, if you email us with questions that have already been answered in the bio, we won't be able to respond.  We are being inundated with emails at the moment.  Thank you for your understanding!   ~~Hey, Splinter here!   I'm often referred to as Master Splinter by my students, the Turtles, and I'm their martial arts and ninjutsu instructor as well as their adopted father, but in my other life I'm an adorable, tiny gentleman that sure would love to call you my Family! You are most probably wondering why a handsome 12 year old (estimated by our vet) guy like me is looking for a home.   Well, here’s my story.    I came into the shelter after a really rough life, my owner did not have me neutered, my teeth were in horrible shape, my nails were super long, my skin was so itchy from flea bites that I scratched ALL the time, my tail bone was broken and I’d been shot with a BB.   Whew! The worst part is I was dehydrated and emaciated ☹ I was so happy when PawPrints Animal Rescue took me in and found a foster home for me and Boy has my life changed! Currently I live with my foster mom and her four senior dogs and let me tell you, Life is good! I’ve been neutered, had a dental and my itchy skin is healing nicely and now I’m ready to find a family of my own.   I don't think I'd do well with young children or with high energy dogs because I have a sore back and the little ones and rambunctious dogs may unintentionally knock into me so I'm looking for someone who can be gentle with me. I love to cuddle but my forever family would have to make sure to lift me on and off the couch so I don't make my back sore again but don’t worry, I weigh less than 6 pounds so lifting me would be a breeze!  I know I'd make a great companion for an older person who’s looking for an adorable lap dog! I do bark initially when my foster mom goes out but I quickly settle down and mostly sleep while she's away. I must admit that even though I'm pretty close to the perfect companion, I am not 100% housebroken when I am left alone. I do know the meaning of the word “out” but it’s most probably best not to let me have free roam of the house while you are gone.   I really am a good dog and I hope to work on this now that I am neutered and once I settle into a stable, forever home. Things have been so confusing lately but if you gently correct me for anything you don’t want me to do and praise me for when I'm being your best boy, I will become the most perfect dog ever because I love people and just want to make them happy! In fact, because it makes me so happy to please my person I’d really like to find someone who is retired or at least home a fair amount of time to be with me.   Splinter is 12 years old (approximately), neutered, has had a full dental, tested negative for heartworm and is on monthly prevention, is up to date on his vaccines and microchipped. Adoption fee is $100 (plus tax for KY residents) His listing will be removed as soon as he has an approved application If you have specific needs that aren't addressed in the bio (children in the home, small animals, apartment/condo living, etc) please email to ask if the dog is suitable for the environment before submitting an application.  Once the application is submitted, please expect someone to email you with questions and/or provide more information about the dog is we are unsure that the dog may be a good fit.   Most importantly, please be honest!  We have many people tell us what they think we want to read, not what's truthful.  If there are discrepancies, your application will be denied.  It's important for us to place dogs in a home that's suitable.  You may be a stellar owner but possibly not a good fit for the dog you were first interested in adopting.  We're not trying to offend anyone, we're trying to set everyone up for success.    We're a best fit rescue and will verify your vet and personal references. Adoption Process: Step 1: Complete a “no obligation” application on our website, www.pawprintsnky.com Step 2: PawPrints will review the application, verifying Vet and personal references as well as landlord requirements/restrictions (if applicable) Step 3: IF your application is approved, we will call you to schedule a meet and greet for you to meet the pet. Step 4: If the meet and greet goes well, we will schedule the home visit.

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Age: Senior
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: Florence, KY
Altered: Yes

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