Hula (Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Terrier / Mixed (long coat))

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Paw Placement Animal Rescue

Scottsdale , 85251

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Distance: 1,050 Miles
Hula is just two years old and is finally learning what life for a dog should be. Hula was neglected in her previous life and, during the last few months in her previous home, endured unimaginable conditions, living 24/7 in a crate, outside, with 5 other dogs, covered in their own filth and eating kibble tossed on the floor of the kennel, soaked in urine. We knew teaching Hula how to flourish in a 'normal' home would be a challenge, and her foster mom was committed to her! Hula learned that crates are for sleeping and chewing tasty bones, nestled in clean and fresh smelling bedding. She learned that we don't have to fight for our food; we each get our own bowl and no one will take it from her. Hula learned she didn't need to guard her resources - humans, toys, treats - that there is plenty to go around for everyone. And, we are proud to say, Hula is now loving life! Her favorite thing currently is playing and wrestling with her similar sized foster sister, Carmella. These girls run and play together for hours (please see video), and we're looking for a forever home with a similar playmate for Hula. Hula also loves chewing on deer antlers and nylabones, chasing her squeakie toys and, of course, lots of cuddle time with her humans. Hula is crate and house trained in her foster home. Please note: if you are looking for a non-shedding dog, Hula is NOT the dog for you. Though her shedding is very minimal, she does shed AND she will require grooming a few times a year, as her hair grows and needs to be maintained. Hula is looking for a home with dog savvy children over the age of 8. Though she looks like a cute little lapdog, she can be quite energetic and playful, and she's looking for an active home. Because Hula had never been walked on leash before coming to us, we want to place her in a home with a yard to do her business. Hula also needs a home that understands training will continue as she settles into her new life. If you are interested in adding Hula to your forever family, please complete an adoption application.

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Gender: Female
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Adults: All
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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