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Distance: 2,642 Miles
  Cookie is available for adoption. He is 3 years old and weighs 8 lbs. His adoption fee is $550.00. Considering the injuries Cookie had sustained a short while ago when he was attacked by his previous owners Pit Bull, he did well at his recent checkup and all his injuries are healing.  We need to work on his dental issues next. Cookie is progressing well in the time he has been with us. He will be a fantastic, best dog ever, best friend, once he settles down. He is loving, cute, devilish, likes to play. Cookie loves to walk and hike. It was rough initially, and we still have much work to do. He has anxiety and, at first, was too much for our senior Yorkie Bo. With training, Cookie now does well with Bo, and they are becoming best buds. He did well with 3 female Yorkies at his temporary foster home.   He is young and a bundle of energy. Cookie is a chaser, he is always after Freeloader, our insanely friendly and social cat. We lovingly refer to her as our 4th Yorkie from a time when Bo's brothers had yet to cross the rainbow bridge. We are working with trainers to socialize Cookie. He may never be Freeloader's best friend, but hopefully, he can learn to live with her. Cookie loves to sit in your lap and arms. Cookie loves to sleep in the bed and will stay all night. He loves to give kisses. He spins around when excited, it is the cutest thing!Cookie is housebroken. He is very food driven, which helps him learn commands very fast. Cookie initially started with us as a one-owner dog. With training, Cookie has taken to my wife and is doing well with both of us. Cookie loves his crate and will go there without issue;it is his safe place.Cookie is learning to trust all over again. Cookie needs the training to meet new people, but it will take time and we are working on it. Cookie is staying with Richard, Barb, Bo and Freeloader in Woodbridge, Ct. Many thanks to all the wonderful people that are Sponsoring Cookie! Linda and Bob Gosnay                Elaine Haddad Kathleen O Dunne                       Sharon Shone Mitchell Langsner                        Albert Teal Marie Pickering                            Dorothy Knight Ted Miller                                      Marcus Garcia Jill Rogers                                     Linxin Wang Janet Winslow                              Shu Nan Wang Lily Van Diepen                             Maryann Ashton Donna McCurdy                             Lorraine Trice Richard Roderick                           Hong Lowman Jacqueline Roemmeli                    Lynn Quinn Wendy Ehrlick                               Artz Watkins Pam Niehaus                                 Stacey Garland Leigh Welsh                                  Doris DelMonte Patricia Tallman                           Kittell Kittell Bill & Louise Dillon                       William Doll Elena Zalewski                              Terrie Reed    

More about Cookie

Age: Adult
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: New Haven, CT
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: Yes

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