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Distance: 2,043 Miles
Olivia is available for adoption. She is 9 years old and weighs 14 lbs. Her adoption fee is $350.00.Olivia found her way into rescue due to the kindness of a Good Samaritan who noticed her for sale at a yard sale. Thankfully somehow she knew to contact SAY, and the rest of her story is she will live her happily ever after, which she so deserves. There are not enough words to describe how sweet Olivia is, she was named Olivia by the Good Samaritan’s daughter and it truly seems to fit her sweet nature. She has been with me and Tom for almost a week, but in that short time she has displayed her love of human companionship over and over again, and in the last day or so is starting so show her playful unique personality. Olivia has also had alloy of interaction with both our Yorkies and our 11yr old grandson. I have no doubt she would be happy being the only center of attention, or with canine companions. She only has one disposition, a completely agreeable little Yorkie. Every comfort a family pet should expect is foreign to Olivia, but we are slowly introducing her to what it is to be loved and cared for, whether it’s laying on the couch, in bed snuggling, or her own soft bed and playtime. We have also discover she has a playful nature, and loves when we get on the floor down to her level and just interact with rubs and pets that she adores. Her little tail wags so hard when she hears or sees us! Olivia has a few procedures to go through inc,using a dental as her teeth are not in good condition, and her spay as well as completing her ear treatment for chronic infection, but with time, patience and love she will be so happy to become someone’s perfect forever girl. We have these procedures scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Last but not least, Olivia has not had one potty accident in our house since she came to be with us, it’s like she was born potty trained, All that and a sweet loving beautiful personality too! Olivia is staying with Jan in Erie, PA.

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Age: Adult
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Location: Erie, PA
Altered: Yes

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