Jake (Siamese / Mixed)

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Distance: 3,946 Miles
  Jake is back to us after years in a loving home as the adopter got cancer, and was looking out for Jake's welfare. Jake is a great companion cat - very people-oriented and he's been with other cats before so he should fit in with other cats fine with proper introduction, and even dogs given time. He is like a dog in that he wants your companionship and to just look at the computer keyboard with you!   Baby Bio: Jake is a sweet, purring, playful bundle of love! He and his siblings are bottle babies who love and trust people, and want to interact and engage with them. He's gorgeous. He plays well with other animals (and of course his sisters Lola, and Coco), and he has been exposed to dogs as well as adult cats.  

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Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Location: San Jose, CA
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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