Narissa (Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat))

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Purr Paws Rescue, Inc

18062 FM 529 Rd, Ste 161 (Mailing Address) Cypress, 77433

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About Narissa

Distance: 1,990 Miles
Narissa was one of three kittens that were left at our vets office.  They were 2-3 weeks old at the time, so she was a bottle baby.  She's a very sweet and attentive girl.  Narissa will sit next to you and just nuzzle at you, or kneed you with her front paws.  She enjoys stretching out and watching what is going on, although sometimes she is in the middle of what is going on!   Narissa is sometimes a little hard-headed in that you can keep nudging her off the arm of the couch and she'll just keep coming right back up!   She had a bad case of Feline Herpes as an itty bitty kitty, and at one point, we weren't sure if she was going to be able to keep her eyes.  Luckily, she was able to keep them!  We know that her vision has some impairment, but she still runs and plays with the best of them.   Please consider giving Narissa a chance to show you how much she loves to get in your way and climb all over you!

More about Narissa

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Cypress, TX
Altered: Yes

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