Willow (Chihuahua (short coat))

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Marley's Pit Stop Rescue

Los Angeles, 90009

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Distance: 3,742 Miles
Just a regular, little, brown Chihuahua . . . As comforting as that old pair of slippers one refuses to part with, the snuggly sweater from a few seasons passed – this little girl will make you think of times when things were a bit more simple, life less complicated.  Miss Willow touched our hearts when we heard from one of our volunteers of a little Mommy that had 3 wee ones and who was being abused by her current Guardian.  Thankfully, the pups weren’t with the man long enough to have endured what Willow did and stayed true to the sweet nature Mommy passed on genetically.  Willow is in a foster home where she plays with other dogs, goes for long power walks, cuddles on the sofa in her very special bed and now never knows a harsh word or action.  Willow is quickly adapting to the world as a kind place and is very bonded to Foster Mom who has shown her only kindness while also bolstering her confidence.  Willow learned that the best defense is a good offense, but after just a few weeks, now looks to foster Mom to watch her back.  Willow is about 5 years old, 9 pounds, in good physical shape and now is ready to find her dream home.  Willow is an intelligent, loving and beautiful little spirit who is truly the epitome of a *rescue* pup grateful for the smallest act of kindness with a heart as big as her ability to forgive.

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Age: Adult
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, CA
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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