Lilo of ME (American Eskimo Dog (medium coat))

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Eskie Rescuers United, American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 32547 Pikesville, 21282

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Distance: 112 Miles
June 7, 2019  LILO IS BEING FOSTERED IN MAINE.Lilo was surrended by his long time owners and has been with me about three weeks.  Lilo turned ten this year and could not be a sweeter dog.  What puzzles me is that the previous owner noted on the release form that Lilo "has recurrent behavioral and anxiety issues; snapped at visitors and family members; not people friendly, destructive."  He was muzzled or closed away when people visited.WELL, let me tell you this sweet boy has not shown any of those traits.  He was fine with the Paws and Pilots who volunteered to bring him to Maine.  Day one Lilo fit right in with his three Eskie hosts, two standards and a mini, who can be pretty bossy with fosters.  Day two Lilo jumped in the recliner to cuddle with me.  Lilo loves ear and bum scratches. He is a little shy and unsure after losing his long time home but can be coaxed into trying new things.  Lilo is/was nervous about being free in the large fenced yard but getting braver.  He would do his business then rush back to the kitchen door to be let in.  I assume he was always leashed.  Destructive?  Lilo has had full run of the house since day two.  He has harmed nothing and has not touched any non-approved toys.  Dare I say he is better behaved then my fur crew?  Lilo has that great balance of when to play and when to be your couch buddy.  Lilo is a very good boy in the car.Funny quirk:  When Lilo comes in the house he has a bouncy happy "dance" and barks with joy and excitement while in the play position.I would like to see Lilo with adults who like to walk.  He will need patient folks that will help him adjust to his forever home, new people and places.

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Age: Senior
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Pikesville, MD
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: No

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