Brutus (Domestic Short Hair (short coat))

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Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County

29 Stagebridge Road Lovingston, 22949

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About Brutus

Distance: 212 Miles
UPDATE:  APR 5, 2016: Brutus has been at Almost Home for several years where he has mellowed with age like a fine wine. Still, he likes his loving in little sips, no large gulps.  Brutus was diagnosed with plasma cell pododermatis, known as "pillow paw disease," last year.  He has not had any flare-ups since, but he is a Special Needs cat.  He is looking for a forever home where his people will pay attention to his health and share their heart with a proud tuxedo cat. JAN 31, 2013:  Brutus is perfectly named.  He’s a big cat with an even bigger personality.  He’s an alpha male that will rule you and everyone in your house.  If he wants affection, give it to him—now!  If he wants to be left alone—don’t touch him!  You’ll soon find out, the world revolves on his terms.   He wants what he wants when he wants it—and usually gets it.  Thing is, even though he can be contentious or downright cranky at times, he’s one of our favorites.  We all love him for his quirks and uncompromising attitude.  Needless to say, he would prefer to be an only cat, but he does tolerate his kitty roommates.  If you’re looking for a “guard” cat, Brutus is the one for you!  Brutus came to us as a stray on 8/14/10.  We estimated him to be about 1 ½ years old then.  

More about Brutus

Age: Adult
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Location: Lovingston, VA
Altered: Yes

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