Candy (Calico / Domestic Short Hair (short coat))

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Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County

29 Stagebridge Road Lovingston, 22949

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Distance: 212 Miles
DATE:  AUGUST 27. 2019 Candy .. How can you resist a look like that? A soft, welcoming face and delicious vanilla, fudge, and caramel markings. Candy came to us from Animal Control as a 6-month-old feral kitten in 2011. Loving foster care and kind, patient treatment at Almost Home have worked wonders. We believe a loving parent and a stable environment will allow her to be the friendly companion she wants to be.  Candy enjoyed several months in a home where she loved to snuggle on her foster mom’s bed and explore the house. Much as her foster mom loved her, she could not keep her because the long-time resident cat objected to the new feline competition. Here are the top ten things Candy wants you to know: Greetings Are Grand: Candy will greet you every time you enter her room. Proximity Is Cool: She loves to sit next to you Playing Is Oh-So Fun:  Candy’s favorite games include the laser light and ribbons bobbing around on the end of a wand. However, she doesn’t have much use for toy balls or fake mice. Live creatures like ladybugs are lots of fun, so she can help with pest control. Petting Preferences Vary: She thinks petting is good. That is until it’s not. In other words, she’s a typical feline who has mixed feelings. Eating Is Social (and Yummy): You can bribe Candy. Find some canned food, and you have the key to her heart. She even wants you to sit close by while she eats. After all, eating should be a social occasion. Blankets Are Luxurious: Another luxury she enjoys is a blanket to sleep underneath. Peace and Quiet: She prefers a quiet, peaceful environment — no boisterous, fast-moving children, please. Cleanliness Is a Virtue: Candy has some pride — she keeps herself clean and uses the litter box well. Carriers Should Be Banned: She prefers not to get into the carrier to go to the vet, so will make it challenging for you without resorting to aggressive tactics such as biting. Animals Are OK: Candy will likely get along with other animals as long as they are not aggressive. If chased, she’ll hide. Come to meet Candy and fall in love. More about Candy Good with cats. Not good with kids.

More about Candy

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Lovingston, VA
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Kids: No

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