Angie (Tabby (short coat))

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Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County

29 Stagebridge Road Lovingston, 22949

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About Angie

Distance: 212 Miles
UPDATE:  JUNE 16, 2017   This little girl has been at the shelter for 6 years  and has more potential than may meet the eye.  She is very shy and slow to make human friends but Miss Curiosity could be her second name.  She will get herself into any activity that happens in her room at the shelter, from tool bags to rolling carts so she is not a true hider.    She gets along with other cats , and seems to really like Fanny who lives with her.  If she could find a home that does not need a cuddle bug or has kids, one that allows her to be herself, not forcing her to greet guests or be a social kitty I’m sure she would be a lovely companion.  A true private investigator, able to learn all sort of things about you without being pushy. UPDATE:  JUN 8, 2017   Five 1/2 year old Angie has been living at Almost Home since 2011.  She is a shy cat but enjoys watching activity from afar. She would like to find a home with other cats to give her confidence. She may never be a snuggle bunny although she allows certain staff members to pet her during treat time.   JAN 24, 2012:   Angie is about a year old and tends to be a little shy, but she gets along very well with our other cats here at Almost Home.  One of her favorite past times is playing with her toys.  She's doing her morning stretches in one of these photos.

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Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Lovingston, VA
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes

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