Carter (Spaniel / Hound (short coat))

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Pacolet, 29651

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Distance: 595 Miles
Date into Rescue: 03/17/18 (returned when owner had a baby) Reason for being in rescue: Carter and his litter mates originally came to CPR in 2011.  He was adopted but had to be returned in March of 2018 due to lifestyle changes of his owner Foster location: Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC Special Needs? Carter is on a low dose of trazadone due to anxiety.  Starting in July we're adding CBD oil to his regimen to see if this more holistic approach will help him and wean him off the CBD,  He is also wearing a bark (sound only) collar and it has helped his anxiety levels immensely.  When he gets excited and starts barking, the sound reminds him to stop and realize there is no danger and he can relax.   Weight: 25 lbs est Height: 16 in Spayed/Neutered: Yes Adoption Fee: $200 Fence needed? No but Carter loves to run.  He needs a good space several times a week to run and romp off leash and he needs daily walks of at least 5 miles (split into a couple of walks). He has excellent energy and loves to see the world.   What kind of home would be best for me? Carter would thrive in a home with consistency, routine, exercise and stability.  He had that for his first several years but then things changed.  He would love to have that back.  He is fine with most people but occasionally he meets someone he does not trust and once that happens, that does not change.  He has been put through many people changes in his life and he wants a home where everyone stays the same.      What is my personality like? With those he loves, Carter is affectionate, happy and a lot of fun.  He loves to snuggle and will happily sleep next to you all night.  He is eager to please and eager to learn.  He knows the basics but would really benefit from some advanced obedience.  In his previous home, he was reactive on leash towards dogs and people but we're working on that and he's much better.      How do I act when I first meet new people? He can be cautious at first but to those he loves he warms up quickly.   Other tips and tidbits: Estimated Birthdate: 5/31/2011. Carter was adopted by a young (high school) student and her family when he was a puppy.  Sadly, lives change and Carter's young owner took a different path then the one she was originally on. She left her home and could not take Carter with her.  Her parents like Carter but want a life where they can travel.  Her sister tried to bring Carter into her home but Carter did not care for her boyfriend so Carter came back to the farm to try again. It is our commitment to our dogs to always be here for them.  Carter is now a middle aged mixed breed and his chances of winning the new home lottery are slim but we are going to try.  He has a lot of love to give the right person.   House trained? Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn't keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

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Age: Baby
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: Pacolet, SC
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Adults: All

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