AA-Harrison (Black Labrador Retriever / Boxer / Mixed (short coat))

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Distance: 1,832 Miles
Posted 8/4/11, and pictures updated 8/31/11, and 10/22/13.  Harrison was dumped out on our county road, and I saw him first on 7/15/11, but he wouldn't come to me, so I set some food and water out for him in his little hiding spot amidst a tree, branches, bushes, and greenbriar.  I set some more food out the next day, and he still wouldn't come to me, and then I didn't see him.  I checked one more time on 7/18/11, and he was back in his hiding spot, but now he had injuries, so I couldn't just leave him.  I had to lay down and push through the branches to get him by the back of his neck.  He was so terrified of me that he bit my wrist a few times (which can be normal for any inured animal), and started screaming, so I grabbed one of his back legs with my right hand, and held my left hand up to keep him away from my right hand.  After about 2 minutes of this, he saw I wasn't going to hurt him, and he let me pick him up by the back of his neck again, and carry him to my truck.  It appeared as if he had been hit by a vehicle.  His rectum was swollen, he had an open wound above his right eye, and he was limping on his right front leg.  I put him on oral antibiotics and antibiotic ointment on the wound above his eye. As of 8/3/11 he is in much better shape.  The swelling has gone away, the wound above his eye is amost gone, and he is not limping with the front right leg anymore.  He is starting to play with the other puppies and dogs in the pen area I put him in, and when I walk up to him he comes up kissing my hand and lets me pet him.  He is making a lot of improvement in a short time.  He will also come to the fence now when I walk up to it.  He really enjoyed the can food I gave him to take his medicine.  He is also getting a lot of attention when volunteers come. He has an underbite, so he may have Boxer in him. D.O.B.:     ? May 11, 2011Weight:     21.5 - 8/3/11; around 60 pounds now $70 adoption fee will pay for his neuter and vaccinations.

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Age: Young
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Tyler, TX
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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