Zhorbit (MI) (Rat Terrier)

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Distance: 849 Miles
Zhorbit says, "Love me as I am." This beautiful 12-year-old girl had a hard start in life. Through no fault of her own, she carries the baggage of her undersocialized and possibly abusive beginnings. For the past nine years in her foster home, she has been shown only love and kindness, and she has learned to trust certain people and to relax enough to truly enjoy her life. When the people around her are sensitive to her stressors and triggers, Zhorbit is happy, playful, and obedient. She is not a fan of cats, and while she is able to get along with other small dogs, she would not do well in a multidog household and would prefer to be an only dog. Zhorbit is house-trained and will bark to be let out. She is afraid of being crated, but she can be left loose in the house for several hours at a time without causing any problems. Zhorbit enjoys daily walks for exercise and also likes to snuggle up to her favorite trusted human for quiet time. Potential adopters should know that Zhorbit can't be picked up, won't tolerate being bathed or having her nails trimmed, and must be sedated at the vet's office for even the most minor of procedures. Zhorbit also has a grade 1-2 heart murmur for which she takes a diuretic; she also takes daily medication to reduce her anxiety. The monthly cost for these two medications is about $60. Because of her special needs, applicants must live within driving distance of Lansing, Michigan, so that they can have a pre-adoption meet-and-greet with Zhorbit and her foster parents. Due to Zhorbit's fear issues, she cannot be adopted to a family with young children. For more pictures of Zhorbit, visit her online photo album at https://imageevent.com/newrattitude/zhorbitdewittmichigan .  

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Age: Senior
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Location: Dewitt, MI
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Kids: No

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