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Distance: 1,557 Miles
Email T.A.R.A. | T.A.R.A.'s Web Site | On-Line Application      Captain is a little older and you can see that wisdom shimmering in his soulful brown eyes but don't let this old man fool you, he still has A LOT of spunk! Captain may have lost his leg but that doesn't slow him down one bit. He LOVES to go on walks and has been a hit at every park he's visited. He takes the stairs like a champ. He has the occasional stumble and fall but he is quick to get himself right back up. I avoid hills or gravel when I walk him and opt for smooth payment to make it easier on him. We are working on his summer bod at the moment but for the time being the walks are lasting about 20 min because he does get tired and don't want him to overdue it. Captain loves to take long naps after his walks. When he's not out on a walk he is perfectly content in the back yard. He is quick to do his business and if its not raining he likes to pick a cool spot in the shade and take a nap. He does like to dig himself a little hole to nestle into but once the hole is made he hasn't dug any others. He always comes in from outside and bypasses the comfy couches and even his doggy bed for the cool tile or concrete floor downstairs to cool off.  One of Captain's very favorite pastimes is going for a ride in the car! He is a perfect gentleman and just wants to lay in the back and ride around town. Captain has been the perfect house guest and does not have any destructive tendencies. He really is the easiest foster and hasn't had any accidents either. He is very vocal when he is ready to go potty. He has a deep bark you don't hear very often so its endearing to know he is fully potty trained and knows how to get your attention when he has to go out. Captain would do best as an only dog to soak up all of the attention you have to give. He loves his head scratched and just to be sat with and loved on. He can be a bit of a bone hog and he gets so happy to have one that no one is going to take that from him and he will for sure let you know it. For that reason Captain would do best with teenagers or a more mature couple that can understand Captain likes his space when he is eating or playing with his chewies. He LOVES to hide his bones, be it under the couch cushions, he rearranges the pillows regularly, or even outside in the yard. He is a very laid back boy with a ton of life left to live and love to give. His sweet eyes are my favorite part about him, he's been through a lot and to have lost his leg but still stay loving and trusting makes him such a special boy.    Approximate Birthdate:  02/2007 Adoption Fee: $150 TARA's adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test (if age appropriate), heartworm and flea prevention, and deworming.  TARA's pets are all eligible for a   two week trial   . Due to the fact that many of our dogs come from the local city shelters, we do not know the background of many of them and therefore cannot always guarantee age or breed.  Size is subjective but we use the following guidelines: Small 1-20 pounds, Med 20-50 pounds, Large 50-80 pounds, Extra Large over 80 pounds.    For more information please fill out an APPLICATION Please visit our  EVENTS PAGE  for information about our upcoming adoption events.

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Age: Senior
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Location: Kansas City, MO
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Adults: All

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