Jay Jay *A BONDED PAIR WITH VENICE* (Shepherd / Hound / Mixed (short coat))

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Pet Rescue By Judy

401 South Laurel Avenue Sanford, 32771

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Distance: 1,140 Miles
  Foster Update November:Jay Jay is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! JayJay wants somebody to love more than anything else. He loves sleeping and cuddling next to you, and is content as long as he can see you. He follows me around the house (while his sister, Venice, usually sleeps under a table). He cries when I go into the bathroom, until he can see me again. JayJay sleeps in my bed at night, and usually rests his head on my legs as we fall asleep. Both dogs keep me company and sit next to me when I am home. They enjoy belly rubs and JayJay loves being pet on the head. They are always happy to greet me at night when I come home from classes, tails wagging. JayJay will lick you to greet you and puts his paw up to say “hello, please pet me”       JayJay loves long walks and is great at walking on a leash. He will always match your pace. He is not bothered by cars, people, or other dogs walking near him. He only pulls if he sees a cat, in which case it is easy to lead him away, and he will soon forget. Even if another dog is barking at him he will just keep walking. I take him on a mile walk at least once a day, and he seems to really enjoy this. I usually only walk him with his sister Venice, and they will walk next to each other happily, tails wagging. I only take JayJay out by himself if it seems he has too much energy. In this case I will run down the street and he will run with me. He will run faster the more you encourage him, if you tell him “good boy JayJay” repeatedly, he will run at his full speed. Venice isn’t much of a runner, but JayJay seems to enjoy this activity a lot.       JayJay has not had a single accident since arriving at my house. He will hold it as long as he needs to, and will try to cry to let you know he has to go out. He never barks unless someone comes to the door, and once he knows who it is, he is content to go lay down with his sister. He does not jump unless he gets very excited about going on a walk. The dogs never demand to eat at night or bark to get food, or try to steal food.       These dogs are extremely well behaved, quiet, and great companions. Whoever adopts JayJay and Venice is guaranteed 2 best friends for life.--------------- Jay Jay and his sibling Venice were orginally Pet Rescue by Judy dogs. They both got adopted together into the same home and were recently surrendered to a high kill shelter.  Judy went to get them and bring them back to the rescue.  Unfortunately, their owner lost their home. We were informed they are both great with other dogs, kids, and are housetrained.  However, they need to be in a home with no cats at all!  They are also a bonded pair and must get adopted/fostered together.


Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: Sanford, FL
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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