Aviva (German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat))

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P.O. Box 23231 Baltimore, 21203

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About Aviva

Distance: 112 Miles
Aviva is  a hospice  for ASR.....we hope that she has many more years but at this point in time due to both her chronic medical issues and her age ( almost 13) it would not be in her best interest to move her out of her foster home. Aviva has  a very loving foster family who adore her as well as the ASR Volunteers who have come to know her when  she was able to attend events, and love her sweet and gentle nature.  As we have done from the beginning, ASR will continue to pay 100% of Aviva's expenses. This   includes veterinary  care, special food, preventatives , and medication including EPI medication.  On average, Aviva's expenses are about $100-$120 per month excluding vetting. We are grateful that she has had a loving foster and also to the volunteers and donors whose generous donations allow us to care for dogs like Aviva. If you would like to sponsor all or part of Aviva's monthly care, there is a link below.   To read some of Aviva's past updates check out her page here. Thank you to all of those who have given so generously to Vivi's medical fund.   Your donations will help ASR fund the  necessary veterinary care to help Aviva. Help spread the word about Aviva by printing a few of her flyers to hand out or post in your vet's office. If you are interested in sponsoring Aviva or helping with her medical /dental care, donations are gratefully accepted via Paypal or by mail to  P O Box  23231, Baltimore Md 21203) . 

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Age: Senior
Size: Large
Gender: Female
Location: Baltimore, MD
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Adults: All
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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