"G" AKA Gus - FOUND AFTER 5 YEARS!!!! (American Pit Bull Terrier / American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat))

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Distance: 754 Miles
FOUND !!!! Picked up as a stray by Lebanon TN Animal Control and scanned for a MICRO CHIP on July3rd, 2019. Picked up and brought home on July 5th, 2019.   My post on 7/06/19 Well...for 3 days I have been trying to decide what I wanted to say about this. First 2 days, I was afraid it was not true. You see...5 years ago, I got a call about Max and his MICRO CHIP. I said can't be Max because he is DEAD! That is what his piece of shit adopter and family had told me! Paula Langford said brindle and BIGGEST HEAD I EVER SAW! I laughed, I cried, and then I got angry. How is he still alive? Better yet, how did he get to SC? That is when it hit me...WHERE IS G? We made arrangements to get Max back here and I started trying to get hold of Lindy Dunlap Bingham Terrell Kostek ???? (Not sure what the latest name is). When she returned my call finally...she wanted to tell me about her cancer that she was dying from. I just wanted to know where G was. She told me she didn't know Max wasn't dead and didn't know what happened to G. She said he was stolen. She said he was at her mother's. She told me he got loose and ran away. Her mother told me he got ran over. So for 5 years, I have cried, been sick to my stomach, become totally neurotic about how I place dogs, and developed a total distrust of people and my gut where people are concerned. So...Wednesday I turned my phone off while I went to the doctor. I then forgot to turn it back on until a friend showed up to get his dog and said he tried to call! When I turned it back on...I thought it was blowing up! I got Alyn Butterfield Dunn 's message first...call me about Gus! Then Mallory Bertrand message says ... call me or I am gonna blow your phone up. It is about G! I call Alyn and some strange chick answers the phone to tell me they have found G in Lebanon and she gave me an AC officer's phone #. Even after he confirmed the MICRO CHIP number...even after he went to the petfinder page for Gus and confirmed by the pictures that it was G...I just couldn't believe it. They told me they were closed on the 4th so I couldn't pick him up until Friday. Told me I had to bring proof that he belonged to me. So...those of you that really know me...well I don't do mornings...but I was up and letting some dogs out at 6:30 am. I was in Lebanon before AC officer got there. I still was numb and just could not believe it...5 years this month we had been looking for G...5 years he had been my profile picture. I said I would not change it until he was found. I have thought several times over the years that I needed to use that space for something else. Surely if he was going to be found, it would have happened before now. They told me he was slow moving and not very excited about any thing...the only thing the video blow is gonna show you...is excitement! I said his name...he looked at me...and then he was anything but slow! I am still crying...laughing...then crying somemore. I also have worries. I have no idea if he has had any shots, any hw preventatives, or any vetting. I am scared to death to see HW test. I really need some help with the funds but we will figure that out. Sometimes he will be across the yard and look up and see me. He wiggles and then runs to me. I am so happy and so relieved to find him alive. But people keep saying at least I got closure...well that is the part that kept me from posting about this...because I don't have closure. What happened to G? How did he get picked up stray in Lebanon? Having him here should be enough...but it isn't. I want every individual that lied, or knew something and didn't tell it, covered for her, told me you were helping but you were really trying to get me to back off...I want each and every one of you to be visited by Karma. I want you to be looking over your shoulder and wondering WHEN you will have that knock at the door...when I will figure out exactly what happened to this dog...especially if this boy pops heart worm positive. Thank you so much to those that have shared his posts, drove to homes in SC, Monroe County, Smith County, Sevier County and Wilson County to make sure he is not there. You will never know what that means to me. Now the question of the day...when can you see him? Once he has had his shots brought current and gets a clean bill of health...I will set something up. SECOND QUESTION seems to be whether I will keep him or rehome him. My belly hurts even thinking of handing him to someone else so we will have to wait on answering that. Welcome home G and thank you Jesus for keeping him safe! MICRO CHIP YOUR DOGS...   (7/21/16) still no G... Lindy...the lying BITCH still tells all kinds of things about what happened. Who knows...I just know KARMA really needs to visit her on G's behalf. Here we are (11/12/2015) ...TWO years later and still no word on G...I think about him every day. Every time I am handing a dog over...I wonder...are these people really who they seem? Are they really gonna take care of this dog? My belly hurts, I am nauseous, my hands shake, and my heart hurts. If you know about G AKA Gus, please contact us. We need to see he is safe... Gus...I know you are out there. I pray that you are safe and loved...that you have a good and decent family that has no clue that we are looking for you...no clue that we are afraid for your safety...no clue that we are hurting because we miss you and do not know where you are. We love you and think about you daily. I continue to post this...on the pages of pet people, the pages of Lindy Dunlap Terrell Kostek and all of her family and friends, the pages for missing pets, the pages about needing justice, ...well I just keep posting your pictures...someone is gonna recognize you! As of May 21, 2015... Gus is still missing. We drove to Carthage, TN and spoke with Mike and Jama Dunlap - Lindy's parents. They fell all over themselves to be helpful. Said the dog had never been to their house and that they had no idea what happened to him. They said I should speak with Lindy's neighbors. The neighbors said there had never been a blue pit bull at Lindy's house. That would mean Gus never made it home that day! What happened to our boy?!!!??? We have been told every tale under the sun...and still Gus is missing. She won't tell us what she did with G...MAYBE she will tell you! SO...if you know or meet Mike or Jama Dunlap ( Carthage, TN Area) or Lindy Dunlap Bingham Terrell Kostek (living in Sevier County area and last known to be working at the Hatfield & Mc Coy's Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN) - why don't you tell them that East TN Pit Bull Rescue is still looking for this baby. Then why don't you ask them what happened to this dog!     As of September 14, 2014.... We have heard nothing of G's whereabouts. Lindy's MOTHER said the dog was "stolen" just a few weeks after Lindy got him. That means he has been missing just over a YEAR! Still have been unable to locate husband Kevin Terrell to see if he has a clue what happened to him. We are not interested in yanking Gus from a loving home. We just want him safe. If you know ANYTHING about what happened to this dog, please contact us...here, email - etnpitbullrescue@gmail.com or call 8652022520... UPDATE!!!!!!!!! Just spoke with Lindy on the phone. She says G was stolen from her yard by a guy in a white F150 pick up just a few weeks back. The address there was 663 Lebanon HWY Carthage, TN 37030-2948. ( http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fusplaces.com%2Fothers%2Fcarthage-tn%2Funion-heights-elementary-school&h=eAQFL8xY8) She swears that she was told Max was dead ...Don't know what to believe BUT PLEASE....If you have contacts in the Carthage area....Share Gus! If you know rescue groups or folks at the shelters...PLEASE share! PLEASE look at these pictures and then SHARE them with everyone you know.! Gus was adopted by Lindy Terrell. She had previously adopted Max and he always looked great and happy. So I felt G would be safe and in a good home. I could not have been more wrong! Around the first week of June...they told me Max had GRIEVED himself to death when their grandfather died. At that time Max was living at 1924 Shiloh Church Rd in Seymour. Well on Wednesday...I received a phone call that STUNNED ME! The lady on the other end of the phone said...I believe I have your dog...Well in 7 yrs of doing this...I am thinking that could be any one of about 400...I said which dog/?...Max... Well we may have 4 Gracies and a couple of duplicated other names BUT there has only been ONE Max! I said NO WAY! HE DIED THIS PAST MAY!!!!! She says BIG brindle pit with largest head she has ever seen...Then she says...he has special mark...I said YES!!!! The white mark on the back of his neck under his collar! ... So Paula and I bond...I cry/I laugh/I cry...She sends pictures...SO we are so happy about Max and Sylvia Rainey Simpson is bringing him back to Knoxville when she returns from Greeneville, SC . AND THEN IT HITS ME....Where s GUS? They check the folks that had Max...Not there but lead me to family of Lindy Terrell...I said I have called and text her with no answer at this number 8656796966. East TN Pit Bull Rescue wants G back and SAFE! I will drive anywhere I have to to get him. No questions asked. Additionally...The family says she has no business adopting animals because she cannot keep a place to live. I know she adopted a small beagle mix from the McMinn County Humane Society. She does not have that pup with her either. When Max was adopted Lindy and her husband Kevin Terrell lived at 101 County RD 656 Athens, TN. They no longer live there. I tracked them to another address where they had a web site that said they boarded. They have moved from there. Then Lindy said she was living in Cookeville and coaching a college soft ball team. She said her mother lived in the area...Thru ALL of this Lindy refered to the cancer that she was battling. When I tried to get with her to sign adoption papers on Gus...She said her cancer was back and it was bad...She was seeking experimental treatment...I bought the line of BS hook line and sinker. Thank God we are getting Max back...a little worn but still such a testament to his breed...BUT we gotta find Gus! Gus is a blue and white Pit Bull. He weighed 65 pounds and was about 2 yrs old. He has 3 feet with white toes AND HE IS MICRO CHIPPED! PLEASE if you have seen G or know where he is...Contact us here or at etnpitbullrescue@gmail.com or 8652022520   We went to Young-Williams Animal Center to meet this boy and just fell in LOVE with his silly, wiggle-butted ways! We posted him for a week in hopes someone would step up for him. When no one did - we knew we had to! "G" is so special that we knew he would not last long! He is 1 to 2 years old, neutered, micro chipped, current on vaccinations, and HW negative! He is currently completing Ambass-A-Bull "U", crate trained and appears to be house trained (no accidents!).  He is approximately 70 pounds and thinks he is a lap dog! He snuggles and gves great kisses! His first outting was the PetSafe K-9 Cancer Walk and he was AWESOME!!!!! Dog and people friendly! GREAT boy!

More about "G" AKA Gus - FOUND AFTER 5 YEARS!!!!

Age: Adult
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Location: Harriman, TN
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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