Behati (Siamese (short coat))

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Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc.

P. O. Box 13474 Austin, 78711

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Distance: 2,137 Miles
02/24/2019:Behati had her bladder stone surgery, and has recovered wonderfully! She was up and bouncing around the day after surgery, and never acted as though anything had happened to her. I’ve been testing her litter box habits, and so far when she’s given the choice of using bedding or using a box, she chooses the box. She will need periodic urine tests to make sure her urine pH is above 6.5, to make sure no more stones form. She is ready to go home!01/06/2019: Behati was returned to her foster home because she was urinating all around her house, and this had continued for a couple of years. Her vet wasn’t able to figure out the problem, so she came back to our foster home. Our vet determined that she has a bladder stone with an ultrasound machine, so we first tried dissolving the stone with a month of special food. That didn’t work, so she is scheduled for surgery mid-January. When she heals, she will be ready for a new home.Behati is still the same wonderful girl that she was as a kitten, but she now has a much more ample girth! She is sweet, purry, talkative and playful, and really a great kitty! She won’t leave her foster home until she is completely healed, and with instructions on how to keep her healthy. She deserves a second chance!Original write-up:Hi my name is Behati! Foster meowmy gave me such an exotic name because I have such unusual markings! I have a lynx point tail but a white and tan marbled body with beautiful Tortie point ears. I have piercing ice blue eyes and the cutest pink nose you've ever seen! Some people call me a dilute tortie point.Foster mom was at the shelter picking up 2 other kittens when the shelter worker pointed me out saying my time was up that day....and so here I am at foster meowmy's house. If she hadn't come along at just the right time things might not have turned out so well for me.I'm a super sweet girl that loves to sit in laps and purr, and I'll look up at you with eyes that say "I'll love you furrever!". Email my foster mom today if you want to take me home!

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Age: Adult
Size: Large
Gender: Female
Location: Austin, TX
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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