Dixie (German Shepherd Dog (medium coat))

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Distance: 481 Miles
Dixie is back with SGSR after bring adopted 6 years ago.  She just turned 7 this year.  She's an absolute sweetheart and as easy as it gets when it comes to having a Shepherd in the house.  Dixie adjusted immediately and didn’t take long to trust me.  She's extremely friendly.  Very goofy.  LOTS of personality.  She will talk to you when she's bored.  Housebroken and crate trained although I've left her out when I went to work and she can be trusted because she is not destructive.  Takes treats as gently as any foster I've had.  She's good with people, kids and other dogs but is learning how to be a dog still.  She's a typical guard dog and will bark at anything outside.  She rides great in the car and is a very good patient at the vet.  I've tried to get her to wrestle with me and she will not even play bite.  She gets excited by small critters and other dogs on our walks but as soon as she feels the tiniest bit of pressure from the prong collar she stops pulling.  She does enjoy having a friend to play with so I think she would enjoy a house with friends or somewhere she would have lots of doggie play dates.  She was cat tested and would do well with a cat after an adjustment period.  She was curious but not aggressive and lived with several cats when she first came into rescue 6 years ago.  She does seem to get overly excited about small dogs so I don’t think a home with small dogs would be best.  She came into rescue a bit chunky and has lost about 20lbs so far.  She’s currently somewhere in her mid 80s and her target weight should be around 75lbs.  She is a very low key shepherd and does not require a ton of exercise.  She doesn’t chase balls or anything in the backyard.  She LOVES her walks and daily walks so she can be outdoors and stretch her legs is really all she needs and will also help keep her weight down.  She also loves hanging outside on the back deck watching nature and keeping the pesky squirrels away.  Her next favorite spot is beside me on the couch soaking in all the attention.  Dixie is being fostered in Newport News, VA.        

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Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Location: Mooresville, NC
Altered: Yes

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