Frankie (Domestic Long Hair / Maine Coon / Mixed (long coat))

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Distance: 678 Miles
Ready for your very own Mini-House-Panther? Frankie is a gorgeous long-haired, all-black, mini-house panther, born around October of 2013.  We wonder if there isn't some Maine Coon in his lineage - his coat is so thick & long, with a lion ruff around his neck. He's active and playful and purrs when you pet him, but he's a feisty one - if he feels threatened or scared, he's likely to lash out & whack you!    He doesn't really enjoy being picked up and held, (although he'll tolerate it a bit) but he really appreciates being petted and loved & will lean & push up against your hand, and arch his back as you pet him!  He'd do best in a tranquil home without young children or active dogs to startle him.  His foster mom has an outdoor cat enclosure which he LOVES!  He becomes super affectionate out there....he may do well as an indoor outdoor cat in the right environment.  He used to hate being put in a carrier, but now that we use the carrier to take him into the enclosure, he walks right in!  We call it his "portkey" as it transports him to a new location.  Clearly he likes it outside.   **Dogs - we think he must have been chased & cornered when he was out on his own; as it took a long time for him to get over being scared of the well-behaved older dogs at his foster home. UPDATE:  This is what his current foster mom says about him:  Frankie is a long haired, shiny black panther that is a  very independent cat. If you are looking for a lap cat he is not for you. He wants to be in the same room with you (usually) and wants to  be petted but always on his terms. He will clearly let you know when enough is enough. He gets along with my cats & head butts them.  He likes to be brushed & loves his treats and playing with the feather on a stick. He is sure to show up with the other cats for the goodies. He is a beautiful cat for that perfect person. Frankie has been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and tested (negative) for feline aids & leukemia. His adoption fee is $50.00. He gets along well with other cats and would make a nice companion for other cats.  Fill out our application at  

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Age: Young
Gender: Male
Location: Cincinnati, OH
OK w/ Cats: Yes

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