Shelby (SADIE) (Shepherd / Mixed (short coat))

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Eleventh Hour Rescue

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Distance: 344 Miles
From Shelby's kennel buddy: Shelby was adopted as a puppy and recently returned after 2 years in her home. The owners say they returned her because of her anxiety and because she chews. That being said, Shelby is a sweet girl who is a bit shy at first but loves people. I have seen her come out of her shell a little more and more with new people since being returned. Shelby is okay on the leash but could use a little work but all in all she's not a big puller at all. She LOVES to play fetch with her ball and will bring it back to you (we are working on the dropping of the ball). With other dogs I have seen her be a little hit or miss. She's mostly fine when walking by and with her growing confidence she seems to be doing better and better. As with a lot of the dogs, slow intros work best with her, and an overly rambunctious dog will spark her ire. Calm dogs work better at least for now. Shelby did live with children in her previous home and did well, but calmer, respectful kids would be best since she is nervous. Shelby deserves a second chance to find someone to love her & help her be the dog we know she can be. If that person might be you, please fill out an application to adopt her or, if adoption isn't possible, to foster her - please mention her name! She is really struggling at the kennel after having been in a home of her own for 2 years.  

More about Shelby (SADIE)

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Rockaway, NJ
Altered: Yes

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