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Eskie Rescuers United, American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 32547 Pikesville, 21282

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Distance: 112 Miles
***FOSTER HOMES NEEDED******Click here for >> Foster Application***Eskie Rescuers United rescues stray, orphaned, unwanted or abused Eskies from humane societies, pounds, shelters, or from owners who need to find a new home for their Eskies. We are ALWAYS in need of foster homes for these dogs until they can be adopted. It's vacation season and people are leaving town- and dumping their dogs!! We're desperate for foster homes-- help!! The primary role of the foster home is to evaluate the new Eskie as to health, behavior and temperament, as follows:HEALTHDetermine what medical needs the Eskie has, such as routine vaccinations, heartworm tests (and heartworm treatment, if necessary), being spayed/neutered, having their teeth cleaned, etc. In the case of our more severely abused or neglected dogs, the foster home ensures that the dog gets the medical attention required to get him/her back to optimal health. BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT1. Evaluate the dog for behavioral issues and work to correct any undesirable traits exhibited by the dog. These may include not being housebroken, needing basic obedience training (including learning to walk on a leash), excessive barking, etc. 2. Evaluate the dog's temperament: is he/she friendly, aggressive, shy, scared, submissive? How does the dog get along with other dogs, cats, children, men, women, strangers, and so on? The foster home will then be responsible for providing the proper training and socialization needed to make the dog adoptable.After the assessment and vetting of the dog, the foster home provides ERU with bio information and pictures, so the dog can be posted on ERU's website and on Sometimes our foster homes also participate in adoption events that provide additional exposure both to the foster dog and to Eskie Rescuers United.ERU pays for the cost of all vetting and medical needs of our foster dogs, including heartworm and flea/tick medications. The foster home provides for the dog's food, treats and toys and is not reimbursed for those expenses by ERU. Fostering a rescue dog can be a lot of work and responsibility. Some of these dogs were never provided proper socialization or medical care, and therefore are not perfectly behaved or impeccably groomed. MANY of our fosters come from deplorable situations and may need a lot of tender loving care to get them cleaned up, be taught how to trust again, or just simply realize what it's like to be loved and cherished! Before applying to become a new foster home, please ask yourself (and your family members) if you have enough time and patience, as well as the understanding of the Eskie breed, to care properly for a rescue dog. Fostering can be an incredibly rewarding labor of love, and you can make all the difference in the world to the dog(s) you foster. If you are interested in fostering an Eskie, please go to: our website, and sign-in and complete a foster application. Thank you for your interest in wanting to help care for these beautiful white dogs!"Saving just one dog won't change the world... ...but surely, the world will change for that one dog!"


Location: Pikesville, MD
Altered: Yes

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