Coco (Yellow Labrador Retriever / Mixed)

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M'Shoogy's Famous Emergency Animal Rescue

11519 State Route C Savannah, 64485

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About Coco

Distance: 851 Miles
Hi, I’m Coco. You can probably tell by my picture that I’m a friendly dog. I may hang back for a little bit but once I know all you want to do is meet me I warm up really quickly. It’s no wonder I’m a little shy; I’ve been at M’Shoogy’s my entire life. My poor mother (dog 68)  was dumped at M’Shoogy’s when she was pregnant with me and my siblings. Life didn’t start out the best for us but we keep hanging in there waiting for a real home of our own. I need to be in a home with no other dogs. I want you all to myself! 

More about Coco

Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Location: Savannah, MO
Altered: Yes

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