Gidget (Domestic Short Hair (short coat))

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Safe Haven of Iowa County

South Amana, 52334

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Distance: 1,365 Miles
  Ziggy and Gidget have been at Safe Haven for most of their lives and adore each other. They are very picky about accepting new roommates and have only liked Casanova. Ziggy likes pets but is pretty independent. Gidget has only recently been liking being pet. Neither of them likes kids.  Gidget is a sweet, quiet, cat.    She likes attention from time to time but mostly keeps to herself except  when she joins other roommates in a pile of kitty bodies to snuggle warmly.  She loves to lay in the sun and sun bathe. Gidget is a short-haired, bicolor white and tabby cat with an attractive stripe down her nose. She tends to bully cats who are not Ziggy. She will allow approximately two pets before she gives a vocal warning to not pet her anymore. It is best to heed that warning as she tends to smack anyone who does not pay attention to it. Her favorite activity is to sit in the sun with Ziggy and watch birds.Interestingly, this haven that Gidget and Ziggy occupy is the best one for bringing dogs to see how they react to cats.   Some cats will go right for the dog's nose with claws out when you enter their haven with a canine visitor.  Interested in adopting this pet? Please click here for more information. then click on the blue " Safe Haven of Iowa County Online Application" link at the bottom.    Adoption Info e-mail this page     Click below to learn more about why to adopt your next pet from an animal shelter. Adopting from An Animal Shelter

More about Gidget

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Location: South Amana, IA
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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