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Distance: 3,739 Miles
DOB 7/2014 TC is a tortie point Siamese mix. She was left behind in a shopping center parking lot, in a cage.  We don't know if she's weird because this happened to her, or vice-versa. She's a very, VERY strange cat. She likes to be petted - on her terms. She will shriek at times, or roll over for tummy rubs - or both. She likes to help with working from home, and our current state of social distancing is currently very pleasing to TC. She will hang out with you, charging full speed at your lap, and then will LEAP into the air, and land with a big heavy thud, and settle in for some reading or working or TV time. She likes to be petted, and when she's had enough she will emit a chilling halloween kitty shriek that will keep your neighbors away. Which is good; social distancing, remember? Because of her eccentric nature, TC definitely needs an experienced cat parent. She is tolerant of dogs, maybe even likes them a little bit. She would be totally indifferent to other cats (I would say she needs to be an only cat, but she does need someone to keep her attitude in check and also to help her exercise by chasing her around the house).  If you are looking for a buddy to keep you home and on the couch, TC is your girl!

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Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Long Beach, CA
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: Yes

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