ZuZu (Spaniel / Husky / Mixed (medium coat))

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All-American Mutt Rescue, Inc

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About ZuZu

Distance: 289 Miles
I am ZuZu and I am a super mutt.  I have lots of love to give.  Will you give me a chance?   Here are some very important things you need to know about me   Approximate age/birthdate:  March 17, 2008Weight/size: 60 lbsHousebroken:  YES ... as long as you do your part and get her outside 4-5 times/dayCrate trained:  YES – does NOT like staying in a crate and protestsPersonality: alpha female, playful, loving, bossy, territorial, stubborn   Energy level:  medium with bursts of highFenced yard required?:   YES – the husky in her makes her a ‘runner’.  Must be a physical fence - no exceptions   Does he/she jump fences?  NO – she could, but if she is happy she doesn’t   Leash walk:  YES but still pulls – with more practice, she would be fineObedience training:  Knows ‘sit’ and ‘off’ – smart and could train easily with proper motivation.  She is very smart, but stubborn Riding in vehicles:  RIDES OK but is not her favorite thing to do.      Spayed/neutered:   YESUp-to-date on routine vaccinations:   YESMicrochipped:   NOSocial with other dogs:  If properly introduced she will do fine.  She is very alpha when meeting new dogs and needs to be supervised.  Not good with much smaller dogs.Social with cats:  NO CATS – true to her breed mixes, she has a high prey drive and could be a danger to smaller animals including smaller dogsGood with children:  She will be fine with older, respectful children.  Her size and energy and her territorial nature will be overwhelming for small/young children   Adoption fee:  $75   ZuZu is a wonderful mutt girl – mom is a spaniel/lab and dad is a husky/malamute. ZuZu is a generally an energetic, playful girl who gets along with everybody – but she must be properly introduced to new dogs in order to accept them as part of her pack. She enjoys the company of other dogs and but might be even happier as an only dog as long as her family keeps her socialized with other dogs.  She is an alpha female and she really wants to be the boss … but she wants to have friends.  Her social skills just aren’t always the best.   ZuZu is not a good choice for first time dog owners.  She needs a strong pack leader with big dog experience and one who will work with her consistently to curb her energetic assertiveness. ZuZu was crate-trained and housebroken early in life and was leash-walked daily. Due to some changes in her life, she grew to dislike the crate.  She has nice house manners, but she really loves to play outside so having a fenced yard is very important to her.  When she is bored she will find things to amuse herself, so she needs to have a family that will include her in their activities and keep her challenged.  When she has finally played out, you will find her napping in a sunny spot.If you think ZuZu might be the perfect pup for you, please go to www.allamericanmuttrescue.org, click on Forms/Application and complete your adoption application online. We are an all-volunteer group, so please be patient and understand that it takes an average of 7-14 days to process the applications including reference checks, follow-up questions and home visits.  You can expedite the process by providing accurate email addresses for all your references.  Time to make phone calls is limited and we often have 10 or more applications in process.  We make every effort to move through them as quickly as possible.   When your application is approved, we will schedule a meet-and-greet to see if ZuZu picks you too. If it seems that the adoption will be a good match for all, there is an adoption fee, and an adoption contract to be signed. Please feel free to email weluvpups@hotmail.com if you have additional questions.      

More about ZuZu

Age: Senior
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Huddleston, VA

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