Tundra (Tiger / Tabby / Mixed (short coat))

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About Tundra

Distance: 1,565 Miles
Is he just THE most handsome boy?! Tundra is a VERY affectionate boy that would love to have a lap to lounge on. He just lives for attention from people. Although on first approach, he is sometimes apprehensive if he doesn't know you, but it only take a couple seconds for him to get over that if it means he gets some affection. Tundra is very picky about his felines friends, he gets along great with some, but not so much with others. He sometimes has a tendencies to "claim his territory" when there are lots of other cats, like the shelter. Tundra, boy, born approximately 8/05    

More about Tundra

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Belton, MO
Altered: Yes

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