Basil of GA (American Eskimo Dog (medium coat))

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Eskie Rescuers United, American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 32547 Pikesville, 21282

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About Basil of GA

Distance: 112 Miles
Basil is a wonderful loving Eskie.  He loves petting, okay with brushing, and plays well with my Eskie, Bailey.  He does not like cats, and I have been teaching him to walk on a leash.  I have been working with him on this and he is better than he was when he got here.  Like most Eskies, he is very protective of his world.  He barks at the door, and howls when the phone rings. In fact, I think Basil would make a great therapy companion for someone who visits hospitals or nursing homes.    He is very loving to everyone, even children.  He is very comfortable around strangers who want to pet him. I do have a doggy door and he has learned to use it to come and go in the backyard with no problem.  Basil is a wonderful boy who would love a family to play with and give his attention to.  For a senior, he has the spunk and playfulness of a 5 year old.  He loves with his heart, and will sit beside you contently for time on end.  Basil will need a fenced in yard because he has a lot of energy to expend. He does love to do his zoomies!!  

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Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Pikesville, MD
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: Yes

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